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I melt in your mouth, not in your hand.

Bring it mother fuckers  
Women belong in one of two places: 1. In the kitchen 2. On her back with her legs spread.

Who Needs Feminism?: I need feminism... →


…because my boyfriend doesn’t carry my books and that seems to be something people feel the need to comment on.

…because that is apparently something he’s supposed to feel bad about.

…because I shouldn’t need to feel defensive about my personality.

…because we shouldn’t be laughing about the…

This is actual bullshit.

Yes, boyfriends carry books. They open doors. They pay for dates. That’s what they do. It’s amazing that you fems insist on doing everything yourself now, because, after all, you are equal to men and therefore can open your own damn door, but then you bitch to each other that men are scum and don’t treat your right. YOU WON’T LET US because, in your own twisted woMAN brain, you think that’s demeaning. Fuck that. Really.

Don’t let me do stuff for you? Instantly friendzoned.

As for the teacher/shirt thing, it’s amazing how every little girl in middle school and high school loves to think, for some unknown reason, that every male teacher thinks you’re attractive. Get over yourself.

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I need feminism because…


I shouldn’t have to emphasize how I can cook and clean in order to impress my boyfriend’s parents.

They need to make sure their son isn’t going to starve or live in his own filth.

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